That Dentist Near Me; How It All Starts

We were lucky enough to have folks like this. I was also lucky enough to have my kids dentist near me riverside so it was never far to walk after school when a dental exam was scheduled for that time of the year. It was coming close to the welcome semester break. But really, folks, the good habit started a lot earlier. It would have been at a time when you weren’t exactly sure what the heck was going on.

kids dentist near me riverside

Because what do you really know when you are just barely out of infancy, still relying on mother’s milk to get through the day. You are able to enjoy your mother’s milk because your gums are growing healthy and strong. That of course is also thanks to the work that the kids dentist is doing. And it is not months later that you start developing what you may have heard being referred to as teething problems.

Only it is never as bad as it seems. Because mommy and daddy had been taking you to the kids dentist right from the start. And of course, he already saw what was coming. He could already tell when you were going to be cutting your new teeth. And it was never going to be as uncomfortable as it might have been for mom and dad back in the day. Not that they would be able to tell you. Because how would they be able to remember what was going down or growing out when they were that age.

By the time you were big enough to go to the dentist for your annual exam after school, you looked forward to the experience. A generally clean bill of health declared, it was basically an in and out experience.